Learn Pai Gow Poker

Learn Pai Gow Poker – With Learn Pai Gow Poker you can learn how to play this popular casino game correctly and have fun doing it. Learn Pai Gow Poker comes with a complete set of rules and a complete explanation of the “House Ways”, which is how to split the hand correctly giving you the best chance to win. The app also allows you to make a “Fortune Bet”, a popular side bet at most casinos. You start with 500 free credits, enjoy and have fun.

Learn 3-Card Poker

Learn to play this popular version of poker for free!  This game simulates the 3-Card Poker game found in most casinos. No need to worry about making mistakes and losing, it’s a free app and you get 500 credits to begin with.  The more you play, the more you’ll understand how the game works.  Comes with a complete set of rules of play.


MATCH GAME – Version 2.0
!Match Game! is now  Match-A-Pic. A whole new look with lots of new features.
1. EXCITING NEW FEATURE – You can now pick pictures from your iPhone Cameral Roll to use in the game
2. Match-A-Pic is now a Game Center App
3. Compare your fastest time with others in the Game Center
4. Earn Achievements for completing Match-A-Pic in under 30, 20, or 10 seconds




NEW LOOK AND FEEL, SAME GREAT GAME. 8-Puzzle is now an Apple Game Center game. Compete against players worldwide for a top time, earn achievements for fast times.  Remember those little puzzle piece number games you were addicted to as a kid? 8-Puzzle is based off that childhood addiction. The numbers 1-8 are on a board containing 9 spaces. Shuffle the game pieces and race against the timer to put the tiles back in numeric order. If your time is good enough, your name will be entered on a top ten list and on the leaderboard at the Apple Game Center.


A-Race-Metic – the fun new educational game from GBGSoftware

A-Race-Metic is an exceptional way to strengthen your arithmetic skills no matter what your age. While especially true for students wishing to perfect their multiplication tables, A-Race-Metic can help ANYONE strengthen ALL their arithmetic skills. Choose your operation: addition, multiplication, division or subtraction, set the timer and see how many arithmetic problems you can solve in the given time. Better than flash cards A-Race-Metic can help anyone improve their arithmetic skills and have fun doing it.

iPhone AND iPad versions available

Download – iPhone Version Download – iPad Version


Deuces Wild Video Poker (DWVP) is a game you can play in almost any casino. What makes DWVP different is that if you play it correctly the pay back is greater that 100% on many of the DWVP games. Some play slightly less than 100% depending on slight payoff variations. So if you’re going to the casinos and want to improve your chances of winning some money DWVP is an EXCELLENT game to play.

The key is that you must play DWVP “Correctly”. That is you must know which cards to keep on any given deal. Often because of the payout structure the “Correct Keeps” are not what you intuitively might expect. The GBG Software version of the app will teach you how to play the game correctly to maximize your odds of winning.


Learn to play Deuces Wild Video Poker correctly and win money at the casinos

The app tells you which cards are the “Correct Keeps” to maximize your odds of winning

Keeps track of your stats: hands played, hands won, winning percentage and MORE


NOTE: Updated version 2.0 arriving soon

A variation of the classic brainteaser The Jumble found in newspapers, Jumble Pun users must rack their brain to unscramble 4 words. The correct answers will unveil which key letters used are needed to solve the puzzle hint. The puzzle hint is of course in the form of a pun! Download Pack Zero now and get 5 free puzzles to try it out!


3-Row Nim Challenge is a puzzle game where you try to outsmart your phone. You are given 3 rows of X’s and when it is your turn you may remove as many X’s as you want from any row that you want, however you cannot remove X’s from more than one row at a time. The object of the game is to make the iPhone get the last X. We weren’t kidding when we said this game is a challenge! Are you ready to see if you are smarter than your phone?